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Spirit of Love : The Mike "Stinger" Glenn Story      
A Darla Rae Film - Produced by Film-It Productions

News Archive - Milan

"Spirit of Love” Premieres in Milan, Italy
For Immediate Release: November 23, 2012
Contact: Darla Rae 720-620-0536

Milan, Italy- Film It Productions and award winning director, Darla Rae
announced today that her new feature film “Spirit of Love” will make its world premiere at the FICTS 30th annual Sports movie & TV film festival in Milan Dec.5th thru 9th, 2012.

NBA player Mike “Stinger” Glenn plays himself in this wonderful film inspired
by his real life Basketball camps for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing.

In the film a group of misfit teens arrive at the 33rd annual basketball camp,
which is the first time girls will attend the camp. Some come with hoop dreams
while others are trying to survive tumultuous teenage angst. Not only do they
learn life lessons through the game of basketball, they soon learn what it means
to soar like Eagles, Win or Lose.

“Spirit of Love” cast features the talent of Deaf & Hard of Hearing teens with little
or no acting experience. “It was a no brainer to cast kids with real hearing losses,
rather than hearing kids playing deaf. I wanted a true authenticity to come across
in the film”, said Rae. The film also features deaf Olympian Willie Brown Jr. who
plays a basketball referee. Willie actually grew up attending the Mike Glenn camps
and went on to play division 1 basketball for Hofstra University and now coaches at the camps. All of the teen athletes’ character names were the first names of the actors so that it was easier for everyone to communicate as needed through interpreters.

Rae believes it is important as a filmmaker to tell stories that raise awareness and
gives recognition to “REAL” athletic heroes, specifically the ones who have been
giving to our youth through sports in a positive manner when nobody is looking.

Rae said, “Mike Glenn is 100% an unsung hero who played in the NBA for ten seasons”. Glenn started the camp as a means to keep a promise to those in the deaf community who taught him their culture and accepted him when his father taught math and coached at the Georgia School for the Deaf.

Ms. Rae who also wrote the screenplay said, “We are honored to represent the USA and millions around the world who have hearing loss. This film is for all audiences. Spirit of Love will uplift, motivate, encourage, and inspire all who see it.
This film will bridge the gap between the deaf and hearing worlds through the world
of sports”.

Rae’s feature film “The Goal” premiered in Milan at FICTS in 2006 and received
Numerous international awards.

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