BEST Inspirational Movie of the Year 2013
ICM Inspirational Country Music Association-Nashville TN
Spirit of Love : The Mike "Stinger" Glenn Story      
A Darla Rae Film - Produced by Film-It Productions


“The Spirit of Love”
written 1/3/2010 by Laura Dodd , Laura Dodd Music, BMI and Darla Rae
Download "Spirit of Love" song HERE

Unspoken words in a quiet room
A deafening silence that cuts right thru
Just when you think you can’t go on
You find your Savior to carry you on

Out of the blue, He will guide you
So that you grow strong
The strength that He gives
Will teach you to live
And will lead you on all with the Spirit of Love

An unlikely hero enters the room
That can teach you more than you could ever assume
Just when you think you’ve done it all wrong
This unsung hero carries you on
(Repeat Chorus)

Late Afternoon on an old basketball court
The Spirit of Love was born in a young man’s heart

(Repeat Chorus)


Original Score
Composed by Alex Grant
Download songs "Chicken or Eagle" and "1960" HERE

The original music score written by composer Alex Grant is compassionate,
competitive, and inspiring. The film’s original theme song titled. “Spirit of Love” is co-written
by Multiple Award Winning Filmmaker Darla Rae and Multiple Award Winning singer/
songwriter Laura Dodd.

The Vain Brains, Lea Holz, and Jonathan Webb also contributed music for use in the film.

Another original song called “AMAZING” performed by Spirit of Love’s own 14 yr old Joslin
“JOZ” Lichty was produced specifically for the film and dedicated to the entire cast by JOZ.

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