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Spirit of Love : The Mike "Stinger" Glenn Story      
A Darla Rae Film - Produced by Film-It Productions

Executive Team

Darla Rae-Producer, Director, Screenwriter

Darla Rae is an award winning filmmaker and CEO of Film It Productions. Her first full-length feature film, "The Goal" also won numerous awards at various International Film Festivals in three countries, and has screened internationally and received worldwide distribution. Rae's first documentary "Dandy Kids" also won awards and screened before the United States Congress and was distributed by Film It Productions and continues to help the medical community along with children and their families around the world.

Rae started acting at the age of eight. Growing up in the Los Angeles suburb of Azusa, it was only natural that her love of the arts would flourish. She started acting in stage productions and gradually made the transition to writing, directing, and producing. Rae made the move from stage to film when she was 18. She has written, directed, and produced over 100 stage, film, video and commercial productions. Rae's passion and unlimited creativity along with her business experience produces products of excellence. Darla also has over 20years of experience in Management for aerospace companies managing production and procurement, including contracts with NASA.

She is an alumna of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles. Rae got her start in the industry in John Carpenter's original Halloween.

Kathy Shipp (Kas), CFO, Producer/AD

Kas brings 50 years of experience in the entertainment industry to Film-It. At the age of 10 she had her own television show in St. Louis and at 15 she went to study ballet and acting in NY. She studied acting at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, NY. She landed a role on Broadway, but soon left it behind to pursue her true passion of ballet. She toured with the Ballet Rouse de Monte Carlo, and later with the National Ballet Company of Washington, DC. She performed with many famous dancers including Frederick Franklin and Mikhail Baryshnikov. George Balanchine also directed her in the premier of �Serenade.�
She performed over 200 performances of Swan Lake.

She is Producer on all Film-It projects. She has also earned degrees in Business and Nursing. She developed, owned and operated a Christian Bookstore in a large mall in Houston Texas. She also owned and developed a line of cosmetics and health products, forming a company with 50 employees. Kas served as Regional Director of Safety and Health for a fortune 100 company.

Louie Feher-Peiker- Associate Producer

Louie has been blessed with three great kids, who he has been able to spend time with learning about the arts, music, stage and filmmaking.

His wife of nearly 30 years has been the love of his life since he
"first set eyes on her" and knew that this was the one for him. He
loves working with others and helping them achieve more than they ever thought they were capable of , whether it is singing, performing or just living their passion. Louie has been pleased to be able to help tell stories through film working with Darla Rae and seeing so many grow through her insight, guidance and mentorship, which is why he continues to work with FIlm It and it's projects in many capacities.

He and his family also own and run an 1889 historic stone castle as a 3 generation run Bed and Breakfast hotel in the heart of Denver's historic Wyman neighborhood on the outskirts of downtown.

Charlie Feher-Peiker- Student A.D

Charlie is a philosopher and a heavy thinker. He likes good music,
good books and good food. Charlies favorite animal is the snow tiger and his favorite color is green. He has a chivalry complex probably due to having read so many knights tales as a kid and is a bit of a europhile. He enjoys classic films and has always been interested in the making of great movies. From writing to acting to filming to directing. Charlie has past film experience with Darla Rae and has learned all he knows from her. Charlie's film icons are Humphrey Bogart and Clint East Wood.

Louis J. Feher-Peiker- Student Grip/Gaffer

Louis has been a student and friend of Darla Rae since his first
minor role in a film with her at his age of 6. He is heavily involved
in community service with groups like Magic Moments, inc. Arbour Day groups. He has a deep afinity for vocal Chamber music and loves to read on the front porch during a rain storm. Well known for his individuality, Louis normally wears a kilt once a week. His role models include his father Louis Sr., Gene Kelly, and Col. Robert Gould Shaw.


Claire Burkholder- Student Production Coordinator

Claire Burkholder is a junior at CIVA Charter High School in Colorado Springs. She has performed in 12 productions so far, with most recent appearances in West Side Story, the Elephant�s Graveyard, and Phantom of the Opera as well as Community Theater (The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, the Hobbit, and Robin Hood.) She loves acting, film, photography, singing, writing, and the bass guitar, and plans to continue those interests in college and beyond. Claire has two sisters and a brother, and her younger sister is deaf. Claire also signs.

Hunter Schultz-Student Production Still photographer

Hunter loves to read and critique movies. Which he has been doing since the age of three with his Aunt (Darla Rae).Hunter has appeared previously in two award winning films, Dandy Kids ,and The Goal. He has his junior black belt in Tai Kwondo and plays basketball, golf, chess, and enjoys watching all sports.

He is a good student and loves Math, Science, and English.

He loves playing games with his brothers and sister.
Hunter was born deaf in his left ear and has mild hearing loss in his right ear.

Ford Eberlein-Student Production Assistant

Ford is 14 years old and is currently a freshman at the Denver Center for International Studies. (DCIS) He loves music and baseball. Ford was diagnosed at birth with a mild-moderate hearing loss and has worn hearing aids since he was 3 weeks old. Although his hearing loss has progressed, he is grateful to have discovered and enjoy music. He hopes to someday meet Todd Helton and Dave Mustaine, as the two have influenced his life in very different and profound ways. He hopes to play pro baseball or make a living with his music, but says that acting may be okay too.

Liz Feher-Peiker-Student Production Assistant

Liz loves to swim in the summer and loves to act and sing. Liz especially loves to do short and long movie�s with Darla Rae. Liz loves to work in the family biznes with her two brothers her
parents and her grandparents. Liz loves to ride her bike everywhere and loves to play. Liz loves to camp in the wildlife and go skiing. Liz loves to watch mystery shows with her grandma and grandpa.
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