BEST Inspirational Movie of the Year 2013
ICM Inspirational Country Music Association-Nashville TN
Spirit of Love : The Mike "Stinger" Glenn Story      
A Darla Rae Film - Produced by Film-It Productions



Retired NBA player Mike “Stinger” Glenn plays himself in this wonderful film inspired by his real
life Basketball camps for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing. In a unique casting, deaf & hard of hearing, and
hearing actors work together and deliver a film which is authentic, charming, competitive, funny, and

Spirit of Love is a diverse coming of age story. A group of misfit teens arrive at the 33rd annual basketball
camp, which is the first time girls will attend the camp. Some come with hoop dreams, while others are
trying to survive tumultuous teenage angst.

Alexi arrives angry and at odds with his Dad Coach Phil, while Ford wants everyone to know he’s more
than Deaf, and Maddie thinks everyone sees her as a freak. Not only do they learn life lessons through the
game of basketball, they soon learn what it means to soar like Eagles, Win or Lose.

Spirit of Love will motivate, encourage, uplift and inspire all audiences.


In 1965 segregation was at its peak. Cave Spring Georgia was no different. At the age of 10 The
Spirit of Love was born in young Mike Glenn’s heart as he stepped onto the basketball court at
Georgia School for the Deaf. There a group of unlikely heroes taught him life lessons and skills
which would lead him to the NBA .Not until he returned home to Cave Spring and Georgia
School for the Deaf, could Mike “Stinger” Glenn make a childhood dream and promise come

Spirit of Love is about the life of former NBA player Mike “Stinger” Glenn. Glenn played in the
NBA for 10 seasons from 1977-1987, back when they played for the Love of the Game. It is
about how his life was molded and developed during his formative years from heroes who you
may not recognize. Mike grew up in the south during segregation, and learned profound skills
for life from the most unlikely heroes during that time period, deaf children, his father a teacher,
and a black girl. As a rookie drafted by the Chicago Bulls, and then traded following a broken
neck, Mike was able through Faith to champion the skills learned earlier in life to push through a
potentially career ending injury and go on to propel others to achieve great accomplishments
through his basketball camps for the deaf and hard of hearing community.

It will inspire other athletes who are considering professional sports as a career, but it will also
give a positive boost to professional sports in general. Most importantly Spirit of Love will show
the general public that there are still professional ball players who care and respect others and
give back to the society which has given them so much. It will allow kids to be a part of
something which they otherwise would never be involved with again. But it sets a tone for the
path that they will take for their life. My own nephew is deaf in one ear and has very limited
hearing in the other ear. As I watched him play most likely his last game recently I realized that
he was part of something and it the game of basketball was part of him, and he will always
remember the camaraderie and sense of accomplishment. He will always remember how it felt to
be a part of a team win or lose, because life asks us to be a part of a team in many aspects in our
day to day life. To see the pride and honor of having his name announced out loud alongside his

teammates was very emotional, and with this completed film many youth around the world will
hear and see that these things are possible.

This film has ASL sign language and captioning and the spoken word.

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