BEST Inspirational Movie of the Year 2013
ICM Inspirational Country Music Association-Nashville TN
Spirit of Love : The Mike "Stinger" Glenn Story      
A Darla Rae Film - Produced by Film-It Productions

"I Heard A Miracle"

Miracles Behind the Scenes

Directors Comments

One of the most enjoyable and humbling experiences in making Inspirational and heartfelt films is getting to hear and see those amazing miracles behind the scenes play out first hand. That is absolutely what drives my passion, which is how God created me. Basically if I’m moved and inspired I believe others will be too, even if inspirational family feel good films aren’t your thing. I believe everyone has a special place in the heart which can be moved.So with that being said, I would love to share the amazing testimonies of the miracles behind the Spirit of Love, the Mike Glenn story movie.

 These are stories which I know to be true. So here Goes…… 
Click HERE to download the full teaser

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